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Premium loose-leaf black teas, green teas, & herbal teas

Set sail into the Sea of Tea and launch into a healthy, flavorful, and adventurous journey across the Seven Seas.

All of our tea blends are handcrafted to give you the most delicious flavor combinations with all of the health benefits of these freshly harvested teas. We search the world for the finest botanicals: Egyptian chamomile flowers, passion flower from India, orange peels from sunny Spain, delicate Moroccan rose buds, cinnamon bark from Indonesia, and true Chinese ginseng. At Sea of Tea, you will find the highest-quality loose-leaf green teas, black teas, and herbal teas available.

Sea of Tea is tea for the five senses. See the quality of our whole dried herbs, fruit, teas, and flowers.  Feel the variety of herbal textures that create these delicious blends. Taste a full-bodied cup with complex flavors and a refreshingly clean finish. Smell the aroma of gentle floral notes and spicy overtones. Listen carefully—the water is coming to a gentle boil … an adventure in tea awaits you!

Black Teas

You will love these full-leaf China black teas with their delicious hints of flavor.

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Green Teas

Enjoy the natural healing and protective properties of green tea in our delicious fruit and floral blends.

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Herbal Teas

Our herbal teas are blended with the finest botanicals available. Natural healing and mood-enhancing properties make these delicious herbal teas ever so special.

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Tea Kits

Our tea gift sets make the most thoughtful gifts.

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